Why Choose Mobile Home Parks as an Investment

First Mobile Home Sale

My first Mobile Home Park sale was in 1972.Since then I've been blessed with deals in all types of commercial/investment properties. Every investor looks for three things- Appreciation, Cash Flow and Minimal Management. Mobile Home Parks have ALL THREE!! There isn't an investment I know of that compares. Those three factors have made the owners of the 150+ parks we have sold a ton of money. 


Let me give you an example:
In 1990 I sold an apartment project for $800,000.I also sold that same year a Mobile Home Park for $1,200,000. Ten years later I sold the same two properties. The apartments sold for $820,000 and the Mobile Home Park sold for $2.200,000.
Which would you rather make on your investment- $20,000 or a million?
-Jerry Curre